For the first time in over two decades, Disney is reviving the '90s pop culture sensation The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. The iconic show is where stars like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and so many others began their careers. The program, which is set to return on Facebook and Instagram, will be called Club Mickey Mouse and it'll feature seriously impressive young talent. Now, it's time to meet the next generation of Mouseketeers!

Ky Baldwin

16-year-old Ky Baldwin is an Australian singer, songwriter ,and dancer. He and his family recently moved to Los Angeles so Ky could pursue a career in entertainment. Connect with Ky on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Jenna Alvarez

Jenna Alvarez has been a dancer for most of her life, focusing mainly on ballet and hip hop. Recently, the 15 year old began taking singing lessons as well. Connect with Jenna on Instagram.

Gabe De Guzman

Professional dancer Gabe shared the most recent Superbowl halftime show stage with major celebs Missy Elliott and Katy Perry. The 16 year old also been in a bunch of music videos and worked with mainstream artists like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, and Paul McCartney. (Jealous, anyone?) In his free time, Gabe loves penny boarding, singing, and playing drums and keyboards. Connect with Gabe on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Leanne Tessa Langston

17-year-old Leanne is a first generation American with big dreams and the talent to match them. She's a beautiful singer and also a trained dancer in Los Angeles. Connect with Leanne on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Big Will Simmons

Big Will Simmons is a professional dancer that has worked with tons of big name artists like Justin Bieber and Kendrick Lamar. The 17-year-old artist has also appeared on the reality show Dance Moms. Connect with Big Will on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Regan Aliyah

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Regan is a 17-year-old female lyricist and MC, who pulls her inspiration from her community and prides herself on being a socially conscious artist. Not to mention, she's also a fantastic self-taught dancer! Connect with Regan on Instagram.

Sean Oliu

Sean does it all, from speaking various languages to playing multiple instruments. Pulling inspiration from his Spanish-Mexican heritage and his obsession with the 50s, the 15-year-old musician's talent is undeniable. Connect with Sean on Instagram and Facebook.

Brianna Mazzola

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Brianna's singing voice is both beautiful and powerful. The 16 year old is inspired mostly by other contemporary soulful female vocalists like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Jessie J. Connect with Brianna on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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