From the most followed user on Vine to becoming a father of two, Nash Grier‘s life made a 180 in the best way possible! He’s engaged to his longterm girlfriend Taylor Giavasis, and the couple share two adorable children together: Malakai and Noa. Keep reading for photos of their cute little family.

The couple first welcomed a son, Malakai, together in September 2019, and a few years later, their daughter Noa was born in July 2022. Taylor announced the birth of their second child via Instagram with a long, heartfelt caption on July 28, 2022.

“On July 27th after less than 3 hours of labor my baby girl entered the world,” she wrote. “I am sure I will have more to say at a later time but for now all I can say is birth is wild and yet all things magical. Thank you to my midwife who I can’t live without, to my doula who gives the best counter pressure. My mother who played with my very alert toddler at 3 am. Most importantly, thank you to my life partner for making this child with me, for physically holding me up while I brought her into the world, and for promptly throwing out the rug I s–t and bled all over.”

Nash spoke about fatherhood in an interview with ProGrade Digital in July 2022, explaining that “it changed everything” for the social media star.

“Not just my whole outlook on life, but it [becoming a father] changed my outlook on how I create and make videos, also,” he explained. “Of course, having a kid has changed my outlook on life. But it also changed the way that I create. You’re reliving things that you used to think were, you know, boring, or that used to make your eyes gloss over, but now when you see them, they’re so full of life. And so interesting. And you know, those little things are what make life so great. So, yeah, it’s made me appreciate those little things, and appreciate the pace of life more, since he’s been here, for sure.”

Scroll through the gallery below for the cutest photos of Nash and Taylor’s sweet family.

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