iCarly may have gone off the air years ago, but Seddie shippers still go hard. Fans love the pairing of Nathan Kress' character, Freddie, with Jennette McCurdy's character, Sam. In the end, the couple left things a bit up in the air, but iCarly lovers can't get enough of them.

So obviously, fans flipped out when they saw Nathan take a selfie with a girl who looks a lot like like Jennette at first glance. After all, the former Nickelodeon actors are currently working on a project together. It's an adorable selfie, but it's actually not his former co-star. It's his wife, London Elise Kress.

They're just making funny faces, so it's hard to tell! Fans couldn't stop talking about how much London looks like Jennette in this photo.

The interesting thing is that Jennette was actually there. The married couple went on a date with the Between actress and her boyfriend, Jesse Carere.

Isn't that so cute?

Click through the gallery to see Seddie GIFs. Let us know if you ship that pairing the comments!

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