Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes haven't dated in a while, but everyone still loves talking about their relationship and the fact that they worked on a new song together! He's already said that recording "Over and Over Again" wasn't awkward, and went so far as to say that they're happy they're no longer a couple.

“The fact that we know each other, it makes it a lot easier. We’re friends and that is exactly what it is. In all matter of dating, it feels like 700 years ago. From the age of 19 [when we started dating] to the age of 22, you grow up so much as a person," he said on HuffPost Live.

“We’re both really happy not dating…that’s definitely going to get misinterpreted, I’m sure. The reason why we both wanted to do this collaboration is because what is the most important thing is the music…that’s the reason why we’ve done it.”

This totally makes sense. They've grown up a lot over the past few years, and there's no bad blood between them. It's easy to be friends, and they love working together!

Do you think it's sweet they're still friends after their breakup? Click through to see throwback photos of them, and let us know in the comments!

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