Could some major sparks be in the cards for Niall Horan and actress, Lily Collins? If you ask fans, then the answer might be yes! Okay, so how did this whole Niall and Lily thing even begin? Well, a fateful interview the “Slow Hands” singer did with Irish radio station according to Page Six where he dished on his celebrity crush who just so happens to be the To The Bone star.

There’s nothing wild to be said about that since tons of actors and musicians confess their celeb crushes all the time, but soon after that interview went viral – Lily followed Niall on Instagram and fans of course took notice. Though that’s not all, the actress has gone on to like several of the “Too Much to Ask” singer’s pictures since then, so of course everyone thinks she’s trying to send him some kind of message.

It could be that Lily is trying to get Niall to notice her – which probably isn’t that hard, or she just really does like the picture he shares. Like everyone else, the actress can’t help but hit the heart and give out a like. Fans aren’t necessarily torn up about the Irish heartthrob potentially finding someone special in his life. It’s quite the opposite, turns out everyone really wants these two to start dating cause they would make one very good-looking couple.

Again, it’s too early to say anything about their status. This could be a case where they both think the other is cute but perhaps only go as far as showing their love on Instagram, or it could turn into something much more down the road. We’ll just have to wait, see, and hope that Niall and Lily will end up going on a super secret date together some time in the future.

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