As Jake Paulers and loyal Team 10 followers know, Nick Crompton is an integral part of the group. With his British accent and witty personality, it's easy to see how he fits right in with Jake Paul and the rest of the gang. While Nick has never outwardly talked about his sexual orientation, there has been speculation in the past. In Jake's most recent vlog post, Nick not only comes out to the fans watching but also Jake as well. Plus, his boyfriend, Levy Erskine, is brought on camera to be introduced to the world. The couple is major #RELATIONSHIPGOALS and we think it's totally awesome that Nick has shared this part of his life.

The members of Team 10 basically share everything else, so this feels only natural for Nick to do. What is the funniest part of the whole video? Nick totally dismisses Jake's looks and does not think he's cute at all which has us giggling over here. At the beginning the conversation, Nick says, "I've never like straight up said, 'I'm gay.'" Jake answered back, "So that was the first time right there?" Nick explained, "I mean, yeah. But, I talk about guys all the time." Now, for the big reveal!

Nick Crompton Introduces His Boyfriend Levy

Jake continued, "When did you tell me you were gay?" Nick said, "I've never told you that. Nope, everyone else told you." Andddd for the LOL part, Jake asked, "Do you think I'm cute?" Nick said, "No." Legitimately, no hesitation on that one. But, the Team 10 patriarch brushes it off and brings out Nick's boyfriend, Levi. He's super adorable. He and Nick look like the perfect match, to be honest. While we're not exactly sure if Levy plays any kind of role in Team 10 or what his future is with the crew, it's clear that he's already got the approval of Jake.

Nick and Levy met on Tinder, but then more officially on Instagram. In person, it was very lavish meeting. Apparently, Nick was trying to show off and actually had someone drive him to Levy's house in a white Rolls-Royce. CASUAL. The pair then went to catch a movie together, which is obviously a very normal first date. Nick nor Levy gave a timeline on the relationship or when it was that they first met, but they are happy together which is all that matters. We took it upon ourselves to check out Levy's Instagram page and all we can say is DAYUM. This boy can model! It's now pretty obvious why Nick was so attracted to him in the first place. We can't wait to see when they start sharing photos of each other on social media. Then it will be officially official.

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