The saga of Jake Paul and the infamous house in California that he and his Team 10 crew live, work and play in continues. If you're not up to speed, Jake and his squad all live in a house anyone who has watched any of their videos will immediately recognize together and their neighbors have very vocal about how Jake and Team 10 haven't really been the best of neighbors. Well, it now appears that their days filming vlogs in this house have come to a screeching halt.

In Jake's latest vid on his YouTube channel, he comes home after being away for a bit and Nick Crompton, the COO of Team 10, broke the news that yesterday was the last day any of them are allowed to film videos in their house anymore.

"This time there's no dabbing on anyone. Basically, after today, if we film in this house, you can face up to six months in prison because we need filming permits. We're just going to have to vlog outside. If we want to film we need permits," Nick explained to Jake and the crew.

Nick showed the crew all of the legal documents he was sent about this issue, so it's 100% legit. So no more vlogs from the house, it's dunzo. Jake was a bit surprised by the update, but he did say they will all actually listen to this new rule.

"We are going to respect the Los Angeles fire department and the police department because that is pretty intense," Jake explained.

So it's nice to see that he's taking this matter seriously since possibly going to jail over filming a video is so not worth it. It's unclear as to how exactly this situation came about, but the neighbors on the Team 10 house's street have said in the past they had plans on filing a civil suit against Jake and the crew for the havoc their antics have wreaked on the neighborhood. It's unclear as to whether this new filming rule is a repercussion of their neighbors taking action, or if this has to do with the fact that yes, they are constantly filming and if they were filming say a television show or movie, they would need to have a permit anyway. Jake has said before that he is on the hunt for a new home to move into, so maybe it's about time he gets looking for a new place after all, but he's having a bit of trouble with that at the moment.

"The problem is, we can't put my name on the lease. Because if they look me up now, then they would see all this bad stuff," Jake told The Hollywood Reporter about his search for a new Team 10 hub. And since he's the one who is the ringleader of this all and has the means to pay for the house, he's in a bit of a pickle. Hey if anything, he's clearly learned his lesson about being a good neighbor so maybethe odds will eventually be in his favor.

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