J-14 had the chance to catch up with one of your faves, Daniella Monet, and we talked to her all about the brand new season of Nickelodeon's Paradise Run, premiering tonight.

Daniella revealed her favorite behind-the-scenes moment. She said, "I love getting to hang with the kids parents while their kids are competing. They’re so clueless and I can’t give anything away. It’s pretty funny seeing how excited they get when the teams finally come running in!"

Of course, since this is the second season of the show, we had to find out what fans could expect. Daniella said, "Brand new challenges and obstacles. We have a much bigger footprint around the resort, and the people vacationing there are so excited to be along for the ride. That’s what makes a second season of this show so much more fun." We can't wait to see all of the challenges!

Speaking of challenges, since Daniella is the host, she doesn't normally get to participate in the obstacles. We wanted to know if she ever did, or if she plans on it. She revealed to us, "Not yet, but I’m hoping to be able to try something fun if there’s a third season! That zip-line looked like so much fun!" We would love to see Daniella take on some of the courses!

Would you ever participate in any of the challenges? Let us know in the comments section below, and make sure you tune-in to Paradise Run tonight on Nickelodeon!

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