Even though Alexa & Katie just came to an end, fans are still hoping for the possibility of a movie or reboot. Well, Paris Berelc — who played Alexa Mendoza in the fan-favorite show — just spilled all the tea on the possibility of her reprising her role for a reboot or a movie, and her answer is pretty exciting.

“I am secretly hoping that we do one more thing together,” the 21-year-old said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I would love to do one more movie, then really say goodbye and be over with. I had a very hard time saying goodbye, we are a big family.”

She continued, “But I do hope that we do something in the future. I’m hoping for it. I don’t know, but I’m hoping, I’m putting it out into the universe that we work together one more time.”

OMG! This is seriously the best news ever! As fans know, her admission came just a few days after the show’s final batch of episodes hit Netflix on June 13. Fans’ favorite dynamic duo is took on senior year and, yeah, it was pretty emotional. Yeah, seeing Isabel May and Paris kill it in these iconic roles one last time was everything we never knew we needed!

“We work so well together. Isabel was an amazing Katie, she is an amazing Katie and she’s an amazing person too. I learned so much from her,” the actress continued. “Everyone was just so open and it was just such a safe place to work and just be free and creative.”

When talking about a possible spinoff series, Paris shared all her amazing ideas!

“We always joked on set about a spinoff with Lucas and Spencer,” she dished. Then her boyfriend, Jack Griffo — who also appeared on the show — chimed in with, “We actually used to joke about a spinoff with Lucas and Dylan!”

Paris continued, “I think there’s always room for spinoffs. I just think it comes down to whether the cast wants to do it or not. I would love to do a movie, and maybe it’s just Alexa and Katie, go to New York…or something fun.”

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