Seaweed brain is back! Percy Jackson is making his (demi) godly return — and yes, we’re just as emotional as you are. Author Rick Riordan announced the exciting news on Instagram on October 18, with the release date for Percy Jackson and the Chalice of the Gods set for 2023.

“Nearly a decade after the release of THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood will star in a brand new adventure from Rick Riordan!” the author of the beloved series shared on Instagram.

Rick dove more into how the new book came to be on his website, which is set to correspond with the upcoming Disney+ series adaptation of the original 5-book series.

“Back in 2019, when we were beginning to explore the idea of a new Percy Jackson adaption, I pitched an idea to Disney that I hoped might convince them to move things along. If they’d help me get a live-action series off the ground, I would be willing to write a new Percy Jackson novel, or even several, which Disney Publishing could release when the show came out,” he wrote.

He explained that while he has continued to write about Percy’s world in many different books from other points of view, he hasn’t done a first-person, Percy Jackson POV full-length novel since The Last Olympian in 2009, and hasn’t done a novel centering on just the classic trio (Percy, Annabeth and Grover) since The Lightning Thief in 2005.

“Over a decade later, however, I figured such a book would not only be fun to write once again — it would promote the show and vice versa. Everybody would win!” he said. Rick then realized that he didn’t need to write the book as 20th Century hurried along with the Disney+ adaptation quicker than expected. However, he had already drawn out “several unused outlines for potential Percy Jackson books.” … Did you hear that?! Several!

“Flash forward to 2022, when we got the green light to begin filming,” he continued. “My friends at Disney Publishing came to me and said, ‘Hey, Rick, what can we publish that will help us take advantage of the new interest in Percy when the TV show comes out?’ We talked about all manner of things, but I didn’t want to publish something just to publish something. I wanted it to be a book you all might actually love, a kind of ‘thank you’ for sticking with me all these years as you waited for a better PJO adaptation. And so I said, ‘You know what, I happen to have an outline for a new Percy book. It’s called The Chalice of the Gods.’” 

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