J-14 is so psyched for a special one-hour episode of iCarly — "iDate a Bad Boy," which airs this Saturday, May 9 at 8 p.m. — that we had to talk to Miranda about it! We have behind the scenes deets, from Miranda's first on-screen kiss to her favorite part of the episode and more!

J-14: What was your favorite part about filming "iDate a Bad Boy?"

Miranda: I found out my character was going to have a boyfriend for the first time, and I was really excited and freaking out. They had guys come in and audition and when they got it down to five boys, I got to go to the last call. I went in to meet them, and when the guy who got the part, Drew Roy, came in, I was just like, "Oh my gosh!" The ladies in the room were freaking out because he's really cute — the casting director was holding her heart. He was super-cute and really nice. We had a great time on set. He's really sweet and it was my first time having to kiss anyone on the show, so I was nervous about it. He was a good person to pick.

J-14: What was your first big on-screen kiss like?

Miranda: I was definitely nervous at first, but I hung out with Drew and played video games on set which made it a lot better because I got to know him. We played Rock Band. I love Rock Band! My favorite part is the drums.

J-14: Was Drew anything like his character in real life?

Miranda: He did wear leather jackets and seem bad boyish. I'm not sure if he actually rides a motorcycle though.

J-14: Have you ever dated a bad boy in real life?

Miranda: I wish! I think girls always go for the bad boy. It's cool because in this special it turns out he really isn't as bad as Carly thinks. He has this embarrassing secret. It's funny, because Carly goes for him in the first place because she's really sweet and always gets good grades and does the right thing, so it was cool for her to branch out and go for someone a little wild — but then she finds out he's not so wild after all!

Watch two clips below!

Photo: Startraks

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