Legally Blondes hits DVD in April and J-14 sat down with the twin stars Milly and Becky Rosso (who you may remember from The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody) to talk about the movie!

J-14: How did it feel to be a part of Legally Blondes?

Becky: It was so nice because Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2 are two of our favorite films, so it was very surreal for us to do the third one.

J-14: Did you get to meet anyone from the original Legally Blonde cast??

Milly: We met Reese Witherspoon! It was very surreal. She's very nice. We also got to see the musical.

J-14: Can you tell us a little about who you play in the movie?

Milly: We play Elle's cousins. I play Annabelle Woods.

Becky: I play Isabelle Woods. We move from England to Los Angeles and try to fit in.

J-14: In the movie you guys are underestimated in the beginning but then are victorious in the end. Have you guys ever had a similar experience in life where you were the under dog?

Becky: When we move to a new school it can be hard to fit in. Sometimes there are a few mean girls. When you make friends it's a lot easier.

J-14: How do you guys find it easier to make friends when you're in an awkward situation like that?

Milly: It's really nice to introduce yourself to people because that's the best way to make friends. Just go over and say "Hello."

J-14: What was it like being plucked from the audience and getting to be on The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody?

Milly: It was so surreal. We were in the audience, so to actually be on the show after being a fan of it was great.

J-14: What's it like working with Dylan and Cole?

Milly: They are so nice and friendly. They have the sweetest dog, Bubba.

Becky: We knew Bubba since they first got him and he's just grown in size. Dylan and Cole are really funny. They constantly make jokes. They were really welcoming and helped us on set. And all of the stars hang out in their dressing room during lunch and play outside.

Photo: Startraks

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