Yup, that’s her! Raven Symone is back on the Disney Channel and totally thriving. The network has rebooted her show, That’ So Raven, to a modern sitcom, Raven’s Home. The series follows Raven Baxter, her two kids, and her best friend Chelsea – just like the old days. Raven and Chelsea have still got it, that’s for sure and fans are loving the nostalgia Disney Channel is providing them with. Now that real-life Raven is older, she is comfortable in her own skin and with her body. But, it hasn’t always been sunshine and daisies for the entertainer. In a new interview, she admits that she probably wouldn’t have as many mental issues today, if she was treated differently during her childhood.

Raven started acting at a super young age. She was on The Cosby Show before she was 10. Then she went on to play other roles before landing That’s So Raven and the lead part in the Disney Channel Original Movie, The Cheetah Girls. But, the way she was talked down to when it came down to her weight was pretty terrible. She was body shamed, for sure.

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Raven said, “I wish I was living now as a younger person. I probably wouldn’t have so many mental issues. [They said] I was too big to be doing an hour and a half concert. ‘I don’t know how she can dance being that big.’ And I was like, ‘I still did it!’ I was on tour forever because it’s not about your size, it’s about what you have to say, if you can sing or dance, and performing. It’s not about your size.”

The Disney Channel star has opened up about the struggle with weight in the past as well. She admitted that she was told not to eat certain things because she would gain weight when she was just 7 years old. She would be afraid to even touch a bagel while on the set of The Cosby Show in case anyone saw her. Can you imagine? The poor thing! She was literally a baby and told she couldn’t eat what she wanted. Now, she loves her body and embraces what she has been given.

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Raven said, “I love embracing your body. In this day and age, you have all kinds, and it’s funny, it’s serious, it’s every color, it’s every head shape, it’s every hair. And there’s androgyny, and there’s LGBT coming in, and it feels good. We didn’t have it enough last time and I guess that’s what the past is for — to make sure the present is what it needs to be. The world is too big to have one sort of view to show beauty, because then you are literally destroying society. You are literally destroying it. And then you want to talk about how we are judgmental to each other and this and this. But it’s being created in the industry that we’re in. So why not break the mold?”

And that is exactly what she’s doing – breaking the mold! It’s pretty amazing how comfortable Raven has become with her body and her life where she can talk about these tough issues. While she didn’t specify what kind of mental issues she has, this for sure stems from her early days in the biz. There’s no word on whether Raven will ever really open up about what’s exactly going on inside her head.

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