Raven Baxter is back, y'all! And this time for more episodes. Raven-Symone is taking Disney Channel by storm one vision at a time, of course. Her new series Raven's Home is a spin-off from the original show, That's So Raven and brought a whole new generation of people to the fandom which had everyone wondering what the fate of the show is and Disney Channel has given us an answer.

Is Raven's Home canceled?

We're here to bring you good news. Disney Channel announced the show will be back for a second season.

"We are incredibly proud of our first season and the fact that Raven has returned home to Disney Channel in a very big way," Adam Bonnett, executive vice president of original programming for Disney Channels Worldwide, said in a statement. "The entire cast and crew have delivered a classic family sitcom that kids and families will be watching for many years to come."

So get ready for more adventures from Raven, her kids and her BFF Chelsea Daniels – played once again by Anneliese van der Pol of course.

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There are lots of changes to Raven's Home compared to the That's So Raven days, so we thought you should be caught up on everything to know about the show if you haven't already binged every episode of season one so far.

When does the first episode of Raven's Home air?

The first episode aired on Disney Channel at 9/8 Central on July 21st. It followed the premiere of Descendants 2 at 8/7 Central!

Who are the main characters in Raven's Home?

Raven-Symoné will star as Raven Baxter and Anneliese will be back playing her bestie Chelsea Daniels. Now that Raven is all grown up she has kids of her own. Their names are Booker and Nia played by Isaac Brown and Navia Robinson respectively. Chelsea has a son as well and his name is Levi played by Jason Maybaum. Of course, you always need a next door neighbor! Her name is Tess played by Sky Katz.

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Is Raven married?

Nope! She actually is divorced but there's a plot twist. Remember her boyfriend Devon Carter way back when? He is actually the father of her two kids! The actor who played Devon, Jonathan McDaniel, will reprise his role as Devon in Raven's Home though, so there's a good chance we'll see this former couple on-screen together. There's no telling if these two will end up back together though but our fingers are crossed!

But as Raven said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the show is going to focus on this super unique family and seeing Ray and Chelsea back in action as parents you know is going to bring all the laughs.

"We are helping each other co-parent, so you can only imagine what that’s like with Raven and Chelsea being authoritative," Raven said. "The show is based on how you can have a family in an untraditional sense. Just because you don’t have a mother and a father in the home doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy, happy family. It’s something comprehensive and true to life and many people go through on an everyday basis."

What is the Raven's Home theme song?

The theme song will for sure be stuck in your head all day long. The promo video along with the theme song features the entire main cast and gives viewers a glimpse at the shenanigans that are about to come in the first season.

Is Disney Channel excited to have Raven back on the network?

Yes! Gary Marsh, president and chief creative officer of Disney Channels Worldwide, said, "There is only one Raven—and for over 25 years, she has blessed audiences around the world with the greatest gift of all—the pure, unadulterated joy of laugh-out-loud funny. After being a part of over 20 different Disney projects, we are thrilled to be bringing Raven home to Disney Channel once again."

Raven feels the exact same way too.

"It means everything to me, being able to come back with a different view on life. I can show people who I’ve become as a woman," Raven said to EW. "I really don’t have to worry about anything when I play her. She’s just fun. When I’m off set, I have to be me and worry about this and this and this. But [when I play] her, I can let all my inhibitions go, and let myself free."

Which one of Raven's kids inherits her power to see the future?

Her son Booker can see the future! But her daughter Nia, can't. Raven explained we're going to see just how Booker adjusts to life with these visions. This is something that in the first series, we didn't get to see with Raven since she already had her powers and was well-established with them.

"What you actually see in the show, which I find interesting, is what it’s like having your first vision. So when he first gets them he’s kind of uneasy and doesn’t know what’s going on. We didn’t get to see that in That’s So Raven," Raven said. "Raven knows Nia is self-sufficient. She’s strong and knows what’s going on. As of now, Booker is dealing with this psychic power as he tries to understand it and struggles with it. He’s a mama’s boy, but he has a responsibility now."

Did Raven achieve her dream of becoming a fashion designer?

Any That's So Raven fan knows that Raven Baxter's heart always was with fashion and being a designer is what she strived for. And she always had such unique outfits! So did it all work out? Well, Raven wouldn't say exactly what her character does for a living now, but she is involved with fashion in some way.

"Raven’s still in fashion. She has a very interesting job, which will be revealed as the season goes on. Her true passion has always been in clothing and you can see it in the way her style has changed," the actress dished.

Is there a Raven's Home season one trailer?

Yes! Literally, so much nostalgia I could cry.

How pumped are you?! This is legitimately EVERYTHING. Raven is freaking back and we're not over it. Clearly.

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