Fans have been shipping Raura for years and we can't blame them. Disney Channel stars Ross Lynch and Laura Marano starred on the show Austin & Ally together and they were super adorable. Not only did they play love interests on screen but their friendship off screen was totally solid. Of course, there were always rumors that the two were more than just friends, but they denied that.

Ross, who is also part of the music group R5, is currently dating Courtney Eaton and has been for awhile now. So, just to be clear, Ross and Laura are NOT together or even have any sort of romantic fling going on camera now that Austin & Ally went off the air.

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BUT, it is fun to imagine what they would be like as a real life couple. They already have been friends for years which proves to be a solid foundation in any relationship that usually ends up working out. They both are in the entertainment and industry so they know what it's like to have a busy schedule and maybe not always be able to see each other. They are both into music as Ross has his family band and Laura's single, "Boombox" was an instant success with her fans. The list could go on!

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To be honest, we could see them being one of the most shipped couples to ever come across Disney Channel fans – they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. We've compiled a series of photos and GIFs for your ultimate viewing pleasure and explained how each photo represents all the evidence that these two would make the perfect in real life couple!

Click through the gallery and check out all of the photos that prove Laura and Ross would have the best relationship ever!

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