Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are taking major strides in their relationship that is seemingly only a couple weeks old.

The “Good For You” singer has officially been accepted into The Weeknd’s crew of friends. How do we know? There’s one Instagram photo that spilled everything! The whole situation started when The Weeknd posted a sweet shot on the gram holding a newborn baby. He captioned the photo, “Uncle Abel.”

No one really chalked this up to anything big because, to be honest, it could have been anyone’s child in the photo. As it turns out, the baby actually belongs to the “Starboy” singer’s manager, Sal. The Weeknd tagged Sal in the photo along with his wife, Rima. Naturally, being the investigative journalists that we are here at J-14, we decided to check out Sal and Rima’s pages for more adorable photos of the babe.

That is when we REALLY hit the jackpot. Sal posted a photo collage from the hospital, presumably the days right after the birth, and our girl Selena made an appearance holding the baby!

If you ask us, this is pretty intimate considering Selena and The Weeknd have supposedly been dating for only a couple weeks. Not only does she look super happy but she also looks like a natural when it comes to cradling the bundle of joy.

Sal posted the photos with the caption, “My bro told me “lead by example” ?‍?‍? @theweeknd XO ? #blessed #family.”

But, let’s take a closer look.

selena the weeknd baby

This is everything! It already seems like Selena and The Weeknd were super close and this all went down BEFORE their trip to Florence, Italy. We can’t imagine how in love they are now.

Selena recently put The Weeknd on her Instagram but quickly deleted it. He, however, didn’t delete his. They are slowly but surely letting the fans know just how invested in each other’s lives they really are. Their first public kiss may have come as a shock, but these photos welcoming a new baby into the world give everyone a small glimpse of what their relationship has actually grown into.

Fans really can’t wait to see more of it!

What do you think of the hospital visit? Let us know in the comments, and check out Selena’s relationship timeline below!

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