Selena Gomez knew all along that her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber was about to release "Sorry," a song seemingly inspired by their tumultuous love affair. Recording songs about heartbreak and failed relationships is an absolutely normal and expected response to a public celebrity breakup, and some of the most famous celebrities have done it and it often leads to them having major success. So who is responsible for writing these hits that seem so personal to the singers' experiences?

Songwriters like the famous Justin Tranter, who has worked with some of the biggest names in music like Nick Jonas and DNCE, has had to work with celebrities who once dated each other, causing a bit of a conflict for him. In a recent interview with CBS News, he opened up about how he deals with writing a song that is inspired by another artist he knows, especially someone as big as Selena.

He said that when he found out Justin would be the singer to record "Sorry" he felt he had to reach out to the "Good For You" singer to let her know it was about to be released. When the reporter asked how he dealt with writing for people he knew he said.

"I never met Justin Bieber. Just knew that the session was for him specifically. Sometimes you can use what is happening in pop culture to affect a song. So obviously what we are talking about in 'Sorry,' everyone has experienced that moment like 'okay, wait I actually need to apologize.' So that is a very universal feeling but also being aware of how pop culture was viewing him as in that moment, I knew an apology would be good."

“With Selena whom I do know very well, we are close friends and collaborators. She is very open about her feelings, so when you are writing with her it does become very easy."

Was it awkward writing for both? He said, "When we knew ‘Sorry’ was happening and when it was official and Justin cut it, we called her and said, ‘Just so you know, this song’s coming out,’ because these are real people’s lives. This is real life, and you have to be real with your friends.”

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Sel posted a photo on her Instagram story saying that she could not sleep because she couldn't "stop writing" so perhaps a song about Justin is in the works for her? If it is, we hope that she also gives him a heads up before he hears it on the radio.

Listen to "Sorry" below and let us know what you think about Selena knowing about the song prior to its release in the comments section.

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