It's hard to believe that classic romance movies like A Walk to Remember and The Princess Diaries were released over a decade ago. Even to this day, we're pretty used to seeing younger versions of the stars grace our TV screens when we look at reruns. However, one look at these then-and-now pics will show you that most of the stars have changed quite a lot over the years!

For example, remember Cloe's love interest, Cameron from Bratz? Well, Stephen Lunsford, who played the character, is now 27 years old and he looks completely unrecognizable now!

And while some actors look way different, we noticed that a few of them look like they barely aged a day. Miley Cyrus from The Last Song has the exact same face as she did when she filmed the movie, and Shailene Woodley from The Fault in Our Stars looks like she literally aged backwards (perhaps it has to do with her weird beauty secrets… like the fact that she eats clay). But regardless of how much (or how little) these stars have changed, it's always interesting to compare how they looked then versus now.

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Check out our gallery to see photos of chick flick actors then and now!

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