If you're not obsessed with Strangers Things, then you need to start binge-watching the first two seasons ASAP. And tbh, there's a good chance someone you know already loves the show so it will be easy to find someone else to obsess over the show with. The Netflix gem has literally taken the world by storm and it was recently announced that Season 3 is 100% happening now, so more adventures from the town of Hawkins and all the craziness that is the Upside Down is on the way.

One thing you might've noticed is that some of the actors actually weirdly look kind of familiar. Take Sadie Sink, who plays new kid Max in Season 2 who befriends Dustin, Lucas, Mike, and Will. Fans were quick to take note that the red-headed 15-year-old actually looks like a young Sabrina Carpenter. Yes, we are v serious since there was a time when Sabs rocked some red tresses herself.

sadie sink sabrina carpenter twins

Their face shapes, blue eyes, and smiles are the exact same. Like these two were separated at birth! OK, being a tad bit dramatic, but the girls totally look alike in these pics, so basically long lost twins. And Sadie isn't the only Stranger Things actor with a fellow celeb twin. Joe Keery, better known as the best babysitter ever Steve, happens to look so much like actor Ben Schwartz from Parks and Recreation. The guys even met up and filmed a funny video where they first meet each other and end up acting exactly the same while wearing matching outfits, of course.

joe keery ben schwartz selfie

The Internet has gone ahead and dubbed these two father and son, so we're going with it too. And then there's Dacre Montgomery. He plays the oh so awful Billy in Season 2, Max's older step-brother who is just awful but we digress. In the show since it takes place in the '80s, Dacre has a mullet hairstyle and overall looks much different as Billy than he actually looks IRL, but fans were quick to point out that the Australian cutie looks like none other than Zac Efron.

And here's some photo proof of Dacre as Billy and Zac, circa Troy Bolton era so you can see the similarities for yourself.

dacre montgomery zac efron

It all boils down to the dark hair, blue eyes combo and you know, both guys are ridiculously handsome, so we definitely see the similarities. And Zac is a fan of the show too, which makes this whole comparison even better. We're sure he would be flattered and who knows, maybe we'll get a movie one day where Dacre and Zac play brothers. We can only be so lucky. But as one fan on Twitter pointed out, Dacre actually looks like Zac and the human-version of Shrek's child.

So do with that lovely insight what you will. Genius is what we call it and more proof the Stranger Things cast has plenty of doppelgängers out there.

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