Stranger Things might be full of government experiments and terrifying monsters but that doesn’t mean young love isn’t blooming! Such is the love between Eleven, a young girl with telepathic powers, and Mike Wheeler, a nerdy high schooler. Let’s take a trip down memory lane between our favorite Hawkins couple, shall we? Warning: spoilers ahead.

Mike and Eleven have been Stranger Things‘ most solid couple since season 1. They’ve been separated by supernatural forces and Demogorgan matters before, as well as a temporary breakup during season 3 when Mike was pulling away from El because Hopper had threatened him. The show has always seemed to put the two of them at its center, even when the other couples separate. That’s why it’s so surprising that in season 4, the couple run into issues after El accuses Mike of not loving her anymore as they work around their long-distance relationship.

“I can’t imagine long-distance in the ’80s,” joked Finn Wolfhard, who plays Will, to Collider. “I could not imagine.” Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, added, “I think it was like, ‘See you when I see you.'”

And although season 4, volume 1 leaves off with Mike and El separating due to matters out of their own hand — supernatural forces and Demogorgan matters once again — Finn and Millie say there is no lack of love between them.

“There’s an effort there that Mike and Eleven, because they’re so in love, and they love each other so much, and they’ve gone through so much together,” explained Finn. “That’s what’s so beautiful about [it]. It’s that they don’t have [a] normal life and this is the way that it is for them and that’s what makes it so special.”

Millie also explained that although the couple is sure to face some issues, she doesn’t think a breakup is in the works for the two. “It’s like they’re married and there’s no option of divorce,” she said. “So it’s like, it’s inevitable. They’ll always be together. And you get to see some real relationship issues that they both have to face this season, which I think is really funny, and it’s very comedic, but it’s also very real.” Phew!

Scroll down to relive the iconic love story between Eleven and Mike throughout the seasons.

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