Are you ready for the latest episode of the thrilling go90's series, t@gged? Yeah, so are we. We have access to an exclusive look at Season 2's Episode 12 before it officially premieres tomorrow. In the clip, you'll see Lia Marie Johnson, Lulu Antariksa and Katelyn Nacon's characters reflect their friends' pasts and fear their own futures.

In addition to debuting the latest sneak peek in the t@gged series, J-14 also caught up with Katelyn to hear more about the show and her experiences on and off set. You can check out our exclusive Q&A with the actress below.

J-14: Which was your favorite episode of this season to film?

Katelyn Nacon: My favorite episode comes on a little later in the season, but I loved it because you start to see Elisia begin to unravel.

J-14: Which scene do you think is the most suspenseful?

KN: For me I would say when rabid rabbit chases Elisia with a paintball gun and shoots her in the back. Not only was that fun to film, but intense.

J-14: What are you most excited for fans to see from your character coming up?

KN: Elisia finds out a lot this season, not only about herself but also about her past. I can't wait for the audience to discover that all with her.

J-14: What do you hope fans take away from watching this season?

KN: I hope fans can find a deep love and connection to this show and it's characters.

J-14: Has being part of the show influenced or changed the way you personally use social media at all?

KN: Not really. I've never really cared for social media, so being on this show hasn't really changed my viewpoint at all.

J-14: Were there any interesting behind-the-scenes moments from filming that you'd be able to share?

KN: I can't count the number of how many late night dance parties this cast had this season.

Make sure to watch the video in the player above to see a first look at episode 12. The full episode will be posted exclusively to go90 tomorrow, June 11.

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