We're hooked on go90's series, t@gged. The show, which is on its second season, centers around a group of high school students who are targeted by an anonymous social media user through a collection of violent videos. The moment we finish an episode, we immediately start counting down to the next one. We need to know what's going to happen each week, so J-14 got a sneak peek at the newest episode, even before it hits the app.

This week, we have an exclusive first look at Season 2's Episode 9.


In this teaser clip, Lia Marie Johnson's character Hailey opens up to up to Noah Centineo's character Hawk and finds that she does not have to face her suffering alone. For the first time in a long time, her life seems to be getting better, especially after Hailey and Hawk share a kiss.

Make sure to watch the video above to see a first look at episode 9. (You can find episode 8 here.) The full episode will be posted exclusively to go90 tomorrow, June 20th.

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