When it comes to binge-worthy series we’re obsessed with, Famous In Love is at the top of our list. Although you probably have already watched the whole entire show in a very small time frame, those who have been watching live each Tuesday will be experiencing the two-hour season finale tonight. To hold us over until we’re blessed with Season 2, we talked to leading lady Niki Koss about all the things you’d never know about the cast – like what it was like meeting the Famous In Love fam for the first time to some wardrobe items she stole from set. Trust us when we say Niki is a lot like her character Alexis Glenn, but a way nicer version, of course.

Seeing as Alexis seems very threatened by Paige – Bella Thorne‘s character – swooping in and taking the spotlight, we just had to know if Niki has ever experienced similar jealousy in her real life. You know, given the fact that she grew up in the Hollywood environment.

Niki exclusively told J-14, “I think especially being a girl, we’re more prone to having experiences like that. But it’s definitely happened and I’ve learned from every single experience. Especially working in Hollywood too, it’s just a very competitive world so now I really try to make an effort to not go through my career with that mentality.”

Although Niki wasn’t jealous of Bella on set like her character was, she sure was nervous to meet the cast on the first day!

“The first time I met most of them was, I think it was at the table read, and I was just nervous to meet all of them and in general because I knew what the gravity of meeting them would be, and that they we’re going to be my family for the next however many years. So it was a little bit nerve-wracking but right away, I felt comfortable with all of them because everyone was just so excited to be there.”

niki koss bella thorne

And as it turned out, they all become fast friends.

“We’re all really good friends and we hang out all the time and text all the time and we’re super close. And they’re all so humble and just talented, hard-working people. It’s easy to get along with them,” she exclusively tells us. “I actually see them offset way more than I do for work stuff – our friendship circles really kind of intertwine a lot of the time. And we see each other out a lot, but we really make an effort to hang out,” Niki told us.

Dealing with the competitive nature of Hollywood isn’t the only thing Niki has in common with Alexis. She also has a very similar taste in style.

“I got to keep a couple little pieces of jewelry, and I accidentally wore a bra home one day.”

LOL! Guess that’s hers now. As for what’s going to go on in Season 2, Niki is just in the dark as us fans. However, she does really hope to see her character prove to the world that she does, in fact, have a heart.

“I hope Alexis shows her sensitive side in Season 2 more,” the actress spilled. “I really would love to see her find someone to be romantically involved with that doesn’t have any vested interest, like she just really genuinely has feelings for. That would be cool, instead of just using everyone.”

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