On Tuesday, January 2, YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson took to Instagram and confirmed to fans that she had been “detained” by the police after a concerning livestream went viral. The 23-year-old went live on the social media site earlier in the evening and viewers started to worry after the video ended abruptly by an unnamed man.

Although the live video has since been deleted, some social media users were quick to capture the clip, which shows Lia — who was suspected to be under the influence — kissing the man slightly out of frame. The man realized that he was being recorded and asked her about it.

“Are you on Instagram? No you’re not–you can’t be on Instagram,” he said. “Are you really on Instagram? Because that would be bad. Were you on Instagram? Lia? Were you on Instagram?”

After she denied going live on Instagram, he grabbed the phone and can be heard saying, “Then what is this? Tell me the truth. What is this? Now we’re going back to us. I’m hijacking your phone,” before turning off the stream.

Not too long after, Lia started another Instagram Live video. Once again, the man can be heard in the background. This time he said, “Lia, I need this not to go out, because it will affect my work, please, turn it off.”

Sources have speculated that concerned viewers called the police after they believed Lia was in danger. Previously, the social media star had told fans not to call the police.

“F**k all of you, do not send the f**king police to my f**king address,” she said to fans who wrote they were calling the police in the comments section.

Later, Lia went on Instagram Live for a final time and explained that the police had showed up to her house.

“The cops showed up and detained me and put cuffs on my hands, so I would really appreciate if everyone just took a second to connect to themselves and stopped worrying so much,” she said to fans during the Instagram Live. “There’s no reason to worry. I’m okay. I just want to be left alone. And I wanna be left alone for a long time. I’m doing my show at Selma, and then I’m probably going to f**k off for a few years. So, 2020 doesn’t really exist for me.”

“I hope everyone enjoys their lives. I’m sorry that I worried everyone. Please, please please, stop calling. leave,” she continued. “Please leave me alone because I just want to be in love with someone. I will absolutely f**k off from everyone’s lives, the way that you want. Thank you everyone for your f**king help.”

As fans know, this situation came just days after another concerning livestream from Lia. On December 24, 2019, the internet star went on Instagram Live for over two hours and fans showed immediate concern for her state of mind in the comments. She denied being under the influence and revealed that her actions came from an “interesting mindset.”

At this time, the identity of the man is still unconfirmed and it is not clear if he was also detained by police. Lia’s biggest fans have rallied around her on social media in hopes of getting her help.

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