YouTuber Manny MUA finally spilled all the tea on his rumored relationship with James Charles. On Monday, December 30, the 28-year-old uploaded his last 2019 video, titled “Finally Addressing The Rumors About Me,” and answered all of his fans’ burning questions. From admitting that his hair is insured to revealing what plastic surgery he’s gotten, Manny did not hold back.

When it came to the question about whether or not he’s hooking up with fellow YouTube star, James, the makeup mogul set the record straight and revealed that they’re just friends.

“I don’t know what prompted the idea that me and James were anything more than just friends,” he told viewers. “I can assure you guys that me and James are not f**king, we are not dating, we are not together, we are not any item in any way, shape or form. We are not together. We are friends. We have not hooked-up. We are just not each other’s type.”

As fans know, the two beauty gurus had some drama in the past when James allegedly shaded Manny on Twitter. Since then, the two have made up, moved on and actually hang out quite frequently.

“I’m just happy that we got to the spot where we are now in our relationship,” Manny said.

James isn’t the only YouTube star that the makeup artist has made amends with in the past year. For those who missed it, Manny publicly feuded with Tati Westbrook in 2018 after she allegedly exposed him in a video titled “SPEAKING MY TRUTH.” Now, the two seem to be on good terms. Manny told viewers that the two aren’t BFFs but they have both apologized and have mutual respect for each other.

“Me and her had a fallout in our own way and you know, at the time I feel like I was so in my own world, I couldn’t really see anything else other than what was going on in my world,” he explained. “So when Tati sent me her palette from Tati Beauty, she sent me this note on it and all the past anguish or sadness, or anything I felt towards her—it went away. I’m not saying we’re best friends or anything, you know? It’s not what it is, but I truly do respect her and I respect her hustle and what a hard-working woman she is and how she’s built this amazing career for herself.”

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