Uh-oh, James Charles has found himself in the midst of some major drama once again! The YouTuber has come under fire after fans accused him of editing his body for a recent makeup ad.

On Monday, December 2, the beauty guru took to social media to share a new campaign for his eyeshadow palettes and brush set sold at Morphe. He also shared some behind-the-scenes videos from the shoot to his Instagram Stories, and some fans were quick to point out that he looked very different in the final product than he did in the behind-the-scenes footage.

Some fans on Twitter suggested that the social media star used an editing app like Photoshop or FaceTune to alter the image, and felt it could be promoting unrealistic body standards.

“Love you but why reshape your body and completely change your face?” one fan wrote. “This is supposed to be about the makeup James not about the Photoshop.”

“OK, I love James but the Photoshop on his face is quite ridiculous. He doesn’t even look like a real person,” another added. “You do you but for someone that’s always like love yourself for who you are that editing is insane.”

Back in March, the Sisters Apparel founder admitted to editing all of his pictures when a Twitter user asked if he had retouched an image of his eye makeup.

I photoshop all of my photos,” he replied to the fan. “It didn’t photograph the way I wanted it to so I flipped one eye to the other still looked amazing in person.”

He also spoke out about it in 2017, writing, “I photoshop my pics just like literally every other social influencer, y’all are tired and can’t swallow your pride to admit I’m real.”

James also called out other makeup artists for overly photoshopping their photos in 2016.

The point of retouching is to enhance what’s already there, NOT to edit on makeup,” he said. “You’re not a MUA if your fav product is photoshop.”

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