It seems like the drama never stops when it comes to the YouTube community. James Charles just clapped back at Kavos after he was accused of reigniting a former feud.

It all started on Sunday, November 3, when the beauty guru took to Twitter and told fans and followers about a Snapchat rant he had recorded, but decided not to post.

“just spent 30 mins in the Starbucks parking lot filming a snapchat rant about something bothering me but instead of posting, i listened to myself rant and then clicked delete,” he wrote. “sometimes it’s healthy to have a conversation with yourself before having it with others.”

Things got heated when the YouTube drama commentator responded to the tweet and speculated that the rant was about Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson‘s recent makeup collaboration. For those who don’t know, Jeffree called James a “danger to society” early this year leading to a very public end to their friendship.

“But now you have told everyone you had a rant about something you felt was important enough to share on snapchat which now leads to speculation of what the rant was about (Shane and Jeffrey maybe?) and defeats the point of “talking to yourself” because now everyone knows,” he replied. “Or maybe you just want to make yourself out to be a “bigger” person but this is just passive aggressive as f**k and worse than an actual genuine rant.”

James immediately responded and lashed out at the star. He explained the rant was about relationships and wasn’t anyone’s business other than his own.

“Or maybe you’re looking too far into it because it had to do with relationships and I decided it was a topic that’s no ones business but my own? F**k off,” the makeup artist wrote.

Jeffree Star Slams Kavos Over Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson Drama

But the tweets didn’t end there! Kavos continued the argument by explaining the reasoning behind his speculation.

“Ermmm James what happened to listening to yourself rant and then clicking delete? I was speculating what it was about because that’s the door you open up yourself by posting this tweet in the first place,” he said.

To which James seemingly ended the fight by responding, “No, you’re looking for drama where there is none. Shocking!”

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