Uh oh, looks like more drama for James Charles. The YouTube star found himself under fire from his followers after being accused of totally snubbing some fans in an airport.

On Monday, October 28, Drama Alert reported that in a since-deleted video posted to TikTok, a fan ran into the makeup mogul before boarding his flight. According to the fan, James didn’t even look up from his laptop to acknowledge him, and the interaction ended awkwardly when the star’s manager said, “Uh, I think he’s a little busy right now.”

“He didn’t even have the decency to literally look up at us and at least say, ‘Hi’ or ‘Oh sorry, I’m busy,’” the fan claimed.

James denied the fan’s accusations in a statement to Drama Alert creator, Keemstar.

“It literally didn’t happen — I took a selfie with the boy because he asked and then I was working on my laptop with my AirPods in and I guess the girl he was with started taking photos of me from [a far] and finally got close and my manager politely told her that I was busy?” he wrote. “I’m not even sure what happened because I did not see, clearly, but she never tapped me or waved or asked for an actual photo.”

The 20-year-old social media star went on to say how he was upset that the fan posted the initial video because his fans are “everything.”

James Charles Accused Of Being Rude To Fans

This accusation came just days after the Dobre Brothers faced major criticism online when a video went viral of them looking super unhappy while meeting fans during a paid meet and greet event. James threw some major shade at the stars, when he posted his own video making fun of the situation.

Now, the YouTuber is being accused of doing the exact same thing to his supporters as the brothers did.

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