Every beauty guru and conspiracy theorist on the planet is waiting on the edge of their seats for the upcoming Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star collab. Yep, that’s right. For those who missed it, the two YouTubers are teaming up for a brand new makeup line, called “Conspiracy,” and luckily, J-14 has all the important deets on it!

As fans of the social media stars know, Shane and Jeffree have a long history together. Back in August 2018, Shane released a wildly successful docuseries called “The Secret World of Jeffree Star,” which dove into the life of the makeup mogul. And they recently teamed up once again for another docuseries, called “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.”

So yeah, the YouTube stars have definitely collaborated before, but never like this. So what can fans expect from the upcoming makeup line? What types of products will they sell? When will it hit stores and how much will it cost? J-14‘s got you covered. Scroll through the gallery to uncover all the important details on Shane and Jeffree’s upcoming makeup line.

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