These days, YouTube star Liza Koshy has a lot to celebrate. Not only is today her birthday, but the famous internet personality also recently made her return to her YouTube channel after a year-long hiatus.

That’s right, you guys! The 23-year-old is officially back in action, and she returned to the platform on March 27 with her new music video, “DOLLAR STORE WITH LIZA.” The upbeat video, set to the tune of the classic “New York, New York,” takes us on a journey through the — wait for it — dollar store, and yeah, it’s kind of insane. Let’s be real, though — isn’t that why we love her?

If you’ve seen the video, it’s clear that the YouTuber got help from several people to make it happen, and honestly, that’s OK. In fact, some of our all-time favorite videos of Liza are collaborations, which got us thinking: Is there a better time than now the list some of our absolute faves? We think not!

Scroll through the gallery for all the best Liza Koshy collabs on YouTube.

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