Is there a new feud in YouTube’s beauty community? Well, since fans noticed that Jeffree Star unfollowed Tati Westbrook on social media, there’s been some major speculation about bad blood between the two makeup moguls. From the looks of it, the issues between the pair might have stemmed from their beauty lines – Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Tati Beauty.

As fans know, Tati recently released her first-ever eyeshadow palette while Jeffree teamed up with Shane Dawson for a huge collaboration, set to launch on November 1. Followers seem to think that this possible tension might have come from the fact that the launch dates of these products were only one week apart.

Once word spread that the beauty gurus seemed to have had a friendship breakup, Twitter was flooded with comments about their alleged falling out. “It makes me sad Tati has always supported Jeffree Star giving him praise. Now it’s her time to shine and he unfollows her and doesn’t congratulate her. He inserted himself in the whole drama. SMH,” one fan wrote. “It shouldn’t matter. This is messed up. Who came out with rules that if Jeffree launches a pallet that no one else can. It just proves he’s not a real friend.”

Some fans even hoped they would reconcile soon, like this follower who tweeted, “I just hope there is no actual tea between Tati and Jeffree due to these launches being so close, It would be sad and there has been enough drama already.”


This alleged feud comes months after a public falling out between Tati and fellow YouTuber James Charles. She released a video exposing him for for allegedly lying, manipulating and being a disrespectful person. For those who missed it, Jeffree quickly came to Tati’s defense before deciding that he’s done with drama, for good.

Hopefully, his promise to be “done with the tea” still stands true and these two are back to being BFFs soon!

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