It’s no secret that Jeffree Star has been involved in a lot of feuds — especially within the beauty community. We mean, there’s his beef with Kat Von D after 10 years of friendship, his messy feuds with Gabriel ZamoraManny MUANikkieTutorials and several others. Oh, and how could we forget the time he tweeted that Laura Lee‘s soul was “pure evil.”

The point is, the makeup artist always makes his voice heard — even if it leads to feuds that ultimately end friendships. Regardless of all the drama, though, no one can deny that the makeup artist is supremely talented when it comes to cosmetics, and considering he owns a successful beauty brand of his own, he pretty much knows what he’s talking about — particularly when he reviews products on his YouTube channel.

Throughout his years on the video platform, Jeffree has reviewed several beauty items. And although there are some products he absolutely loves, there are many more that he hates with a burning passion. In fact, Jeffree’s come for many (and we mean many) beauty brands in the past, and whether he was criticizing their shade range or their formula, the disses were savage. Don’t believe us? Scroll through the gallery for all the brands Jeffree star has completely slammed in the past.

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