By now, we’ve all heard the news that Jeffree Star‘s warehouse was robbed of roughly $2.5 million worth of beauty products. Well, the woman who first leaked the images of the stolen Magic Star concealer online has come forward to publicly apologize, and we are just as shook as you are.

To fill you in a bit, the previously unreleased Magic Star concealer was put up for sale on Facebook illegally by the black market retailers who stole them from Jeffree’s facility. This particular woman made the unfortunate decision to purchase the item from these retailers and then post the image of the product online before its official release. Yikes!

After watching the beauty mogul‘s video about the burglary and the online leak of the Magic Star concealer, the woman posted an apology on her Facebook page, which has since been deleted. In addition to saying sorry for purchasing the unreleased product, she also apologized for debuting the concealer before Jeffree even had the chance to launch it himself.

“I really do truly love Jeffree Star & his products,” she wrote. “[Which is] why when I saw them I was over the moon & wanted them. I figured everyone wanted them too but I was wrong. I didn’t think of the selfish act that would be to him, his team & his brand.”

The woman also apologized to Jeffree’s fans. After all, she kind of put a damper on the launch for them too — especially since his supporters always look forward to celebrating his new products whenever they hit shelves.

“I’m sorry I took his moment. I’m sorry you guys saw them before he got to hype them up. I can assure everyone I had ABSOLUTELY no bad intentions. I was selfish & I didn’t consider his or anyone else’s feelings when I posted.”

So how exactly did she get her hands on the stolen goods? Well, she revealed that in her Facebook post too, and it sounds sketchy AF if you ask us.

“I had found a post on Facebook Marketplace of a lady … I contacted her, I asked her if I buy a large amount would she give a discount & asked if they were authentic. She said yes, she gets them for a supplier in the warehouse who sent her PR kits & can send more … She had blue blood & many more of his products but the fact she could get something not released was amazing to me.”

If you didn’t watch the makeup artist‘s original video, he was actually really angry at this woman and what she did — and rightfully so. Creating makeup takes a lot of time and hard work, so this really threw a wrench in his plans to unveil the new products in a special way.

“The girl that posted the photo — she’s part of the problem because she hit up the black market dealer on Facebook, stole that person’s photo and then posted it in a Facebook makeup group going, ‘Hi, who wants this?'” What a mess!

Clearly, this isn’t a situation anyone wants to be in, so if there’s a lesson here, it’s not to purchase products on the internet that haven’t been officially launched yet. Seriously, you’re just asking for trouble.

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