Uh oh! YouTube star Shane Dawson hit up Twitter on March 20 to slam haters for insisting his engagement to Ryland Adams was nothing but a big distraction from his recent scandal.

That’s right, you guys! ICYMI, Shane proposed to his boyfriend of three years on March 19, which also happened to be a few days after he came under fire for inappropriate comments he once made about his cat. But when Twitter trolls said he only got down on one knee to distract people from discussing the scandal any further, the 30-year-old clapped back, explaining that the romantic proposal has actually been in the works for a while now.

“If you really think i proposed because of that ur crazy. it’s our 3 year anniversary and i’ve been planning this for a long time. i don’t give THAT much power to people on twitter trying to cancel me for the THOUSANDth time.”

Well, he’s got a point there! The YouTuber’s recent scandal wasn’t his first, and it most likely will not be his last, but he did take to social media days before the proposal even happened to take responsibility for the disturbing jokes he made, and to let his followers know that he’s since learned from his mistakes.

“Theres so many things im so proud of. but all of my offensive jokes, over the top stories, and insensitive jokes are something that still haunt me and something I have to be faced with everyday on the internet,” he tweeted on March 17. “… so im sorry for what i said about my cat, im sorry for what i said about anything or anyone that was offensive, and im sorry for being someone who thought being super offensive and shocking all the time was funny.”

Clearly, some haters weren’t convinced that his apology was sincere, which is why many claimed it was merely a distraction from the vulgar cat comments he made years ago. But even if there are some haters out there, it’s safe to say there are thousands more people who’ve been super supportive of their engagement and sent them nothing but love.

In Shane’s original engagement announcement on Instagram, which included quick snapshots from the scene of the proposal, he confirmed the news by writing, “HE SAID YES!!!!!!”

Ryland echoed his fiancé’s excitement in his own Instagram post, which he captioned, “We’re engaged!! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I’ve never been happier in my whole entire life!!” How sweet is that?

Hmm… looks like true love to us!

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