We were all pretty excited when news hit the web that Kylie Jenner was releasing her own skincare line, Kylie Skin. And now that it’s finally here, we’re all wondering how well the products actually work — especially since the reality star has come under fire for some of the ingredients she used in them. Well, not to worry, you guys, because Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star just uploaded a 33-minute review, where they went ahead and tried out each product — and let’s just say, they’re not the biggest fans.

“As a skincare expert, I’m curious to see if the ingredients actually work,” the beauty guru explained in the new video, which was uploaded to his YouTube channel on June 2. “I just love reviewing and trying things because so many people want to know the real tea.”

First, the guys tried out the makeup remover wipes, which Shane admitted he found a little dry. Jeffree wasn’t impressed either, adding that it took a little longer for his makeup to come off than usual. After that, they gave the foaming face wash a go.

“Skincare really shouldn’t have added fragrance because it could be an irritant if you have sensitive skin,” Jeffree noted about the foaming face wash. “I don’t like that it has a fragrance, but my skin doesn’t feel bad. It doesn’t feel overly dry so there isn’t a lot of harsh ingredients, I assume.”

As for the walnut face scrub, Jeffree explained that the use of walnuts isn’t normally recommended for skincare products.

“There’s a lot of controversy about this face scrub,” he explained. “A traditional walnut scrub has like granules in it, which can rip your skin open and have tiny tears.”

But after trying it, he was relieved.

“It doesn’t feel harsh, it’s not hurting,” he said.

Jeffree Star Shane Dawson

Phew, that’s a relief! After that, they tried out the face moisturizer.

“I don’t know if it’s because we already used three products prior to this, but I don’t feel as moisturized as I should,” Jeffree reviewed. “It feels like something’s missing.”

And Shane agreed.

“Everything feels, to me, very basic,” the YouTuber added.

Next up was the eye cream, and Jeffree was not a huge fan of it.

“It’s very basic. I don’t feel great,” he said. “There’s alcohol in here, and it’s high up on the ingredient list. That shouldn’t really be in an eye cream.”

So after trying all the products, the guys gave their final thoughts.

“I think it’s cute, it’ll look cute in my bathroom,” Shane said. “But I would never use it.”

“Overall I’m just not impressed,” Jeffree added. “I didn’t feel like, ‘Wow my skin feels great.’ I just wasn’t really wowed by anything. My skin didn’t feel like it was ready for makeup.”

Ouch. Although these two certainly weren’t impressed, you can try out the products for yourself here!

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