It’s no secret that Shane Dawson is the king of YouTube documentaries. We mean, he did the one about Tanacon, the one about Jeffree Star, and of course, the one where he let us into the mind of Jake Paul. Clearly, he’s not afraid to give his subscribers a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most controversial people on the video platform, which is why some fans are utterly convinced that a documentary about James Charles‘ recent scandal is going to happen.

Yup! As soon as Tati Westbrook exposed the beauty guru for being a terrible friend and for manipulating straight men into doing sexual acts, Twitter blew up with people saying that Shane needs to hop on this story — and quick! But will the 30-year-old actually make a series about James? Let’s think about this rationally.

Since Tati’s scathing 40-minute-long video hit YouTube, several social media stars have spoken out about and unfollowed the 19-year-old makeup artist. The Dolan TwinsEmma ChamberlainKylie JennerDemi LovatoKim Kardashian and several others were quick to disassociate from the YouTube star. Shane, however, still follows James, and managed to speak on the drama without dragging his name through the mud.

“Feeling sad,” he tweeted. “Everything feels so dark right now. Even though i believe some people need to be humbled i also could never enjoy watching someone go through something like this. today i wanna focus on good stuff. i feel like i have tea poisoning from seeing all this drama. send a nice text to a friend today. give someone a hug. tweet a link to ur favorite music video. i dunno… something nice. i feel like we all need that right now.”

Wishing the best for everyone and asking people to be nice to one another isn’t exactly a controversial stance on the scandal, which makes us think that a docuseries could definitely be on the way. We mean, as long as no bridges are burned between Shane and James, there’s definitely a chance the beauty guru will dish his side of the story eventually.

Plus, those who are following along with the scandal totally think it’s possibility. See?

TBH, we’d definitely be down for this. Sure, James has been accused of some very disturbing stuff, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t interested in hearing about it from his perspective.

What do you say, Shane?

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