Beauty guru Eveline Blomfeldt accused Manny MUA of stealing one of her past makeup looks. On Saturday, December 7, the Swedish YouTube star called out the 28-year-old on Twitter after he recreated one of her holiday looks and passed it off as his own creation.

“I really can’t stop being annoyed over how someone this big of a influencer can just take credit for something I came up with??? Come up with your own looks or give credit where credit is due,” she wrote in a series of tweets. “I’ve been to busy to have time to even address this but I’m getting new messages everyday about someone new giving him credit and I’m so done by now.”

The look Eveline was referring to was a gingerbread-themed glam look that she posted to Instagram in December 2018.

On November 12, 2019, Manny created a similar look and posted it to his own social media. Eveline claimed that he didn’t give her credit for the idea.

She went on to say, “To clarify: I am the original creator, I made this look a year ago, he then recreated it A YEAR AGO and gave me credit last year. Now he posted it again without mentioning me and people now assume it’s his look. How are people gonna know that it’s my look from a year ago?”

Eveline then posted a version of the look that was recreated by a fan who credited Manny instead of her.

“If you have that big of a platform as he has, he should give a small creator like me credit now too,” she explained. “Because now a lot of people are doing this look and I’m not mentioned anywhere anymore.”

Eveline Blomfeldt Accuses Manny MUA Of Stealing Her Makeup Look

Fans quickly came to her defense on the social media platform. Some also accused Manny of doing the same thing to other creators in the past.

“Manny has a history of doing this, as well as taking video ideas from small YouTubers and not crediting them,” one fan wrote. “I don’t understand why it’s so hard for these huge creators to lift up the people they take ideas from, and give credit where its due.”

Manny has yet to address the backlash or credit Eveline on the photo of his look.

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