Anyone who has been lucky enough to attend a Taylor Swift concert knows she puts on a show unlike anyone else. She’s currently out on the road for her Reputation Stadium Tour – and as her fifth headlining tour, girl knows exactly what she’s doing up there on stage. Her production, costumes, dancers, the set list, and overall experience she gives her fans is truly remarkable.

Something she always manages to do at every show is go back to her roots. She heads over to her famous B-stage where it’s just Taylor and her acoustic guitar. This is the point in the show when she chooses a surprise throwback song to sing, and it’s different every time. So how does she decide which song from her vast catalog to sing? Sometimes fans’ requests influence her choice, while other times it has to do with what Taylor’s in the mood for. Or even her friends might give her a suggestion! It’s always something special though. She’s given fans their faves she hasn’t performed in years like “Change,” “Sparks Fly,” and “Haunted” – or others she’s never performed live during her tours before, like the gut-wrenching “Breathe” and “Come Back…Be Here.” And hearing current 28-year-old Taylor who has become a legend in the music world sing these throwbacks is always a MOMENT.

We decided to take a look at the stand-outs from her tour so far and find out the real reason why she’s chosen certain songs as her B-stage surprise. Check out the gallery below!

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