The internet is having a field day over Taylor Swift‘s courtroom sketch! The popular singer is currently in court facing a former DJ she accused of groping her… so, leave it to social media to focus on the sketches from the trial. Shortly after the photo surfaced online it didn’t take long for fans and haters alike to start giving their opinions.

“This is a courtroom sketch of Taylor Swift. I think the artist’s name is Katheryn Hudson,” one Twitter user wrote, implying that Katy Perry — whose real name is Katheryn Hudson — must have drawn the sketch because it’s that unflattering. Since the two singers are engaged in a lengthy feud, that would make sense. But, the sketch was drawn by a court-appointed artist. Watch the video below to see it!

So, does the Internet have a point? Or is this just another opportunity to publicly mock the singer? We’re not sure, but we’re hoping the sketch doesn’t distract from the actual point of the case. Taylor is there to fight the man who sued her after he allegedly assaulted her. No one deserves that and we hope she gets some justice!

This post originally appeared on our sister site, Life & Style.

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