When we say Team 10 is everywhere lately, we really mean it. If Jake Paul isn't making headlines, other members of the squad are. Today, it's Tessa Brooks and Chance Sutton also known as 'Chessa.' The pair hinted that they were dating at the end of March when Chance shared the above photo of him and Tessa on Instagram. Of course, they are touching each other, laughing, smiling, looking super coupley and he even referred to their movie date in the caption. Chance wrote, "Maybe I should've told her we were just going to the movies ??."

Shortly after that, at the end of June, they decided to "get married" in Las Vegas. But, they didn't actually get married. Lots of the Team 10 relationships call each other "husband" and "wife" but legally it means nothing. After a month and a half of doing all sorts of "Chessa" related things like printing merch with the ship name on it because why not, they have decided to call it quits.

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Because, honestly, what could go wrong if you're living in the same house as your significant other, after only dating for like a month? Jokes aside, Tessa made a vlog about the breakup and no one is surprised considering Team 10 vlogs about everything in their lives and this break up is pretty major.

In the video, she said, "Chance and I started off as best friends and that is part of the reason why we worked so well as a couple, just because we feel extremely comfortable around each other. But, we decided it would be best for our friendship if that’s all that it was — that we weren’t Chessa anymore; that we weren’t touching all the time; that we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, "husband and wife," just because we want this friendship to last as long as possible."

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While she doesn't look too beaten up about the split, Tessa does say that it was a hard decision and she still appreciates all of the "Chessa" shippers out there. She even says that she'll still be rocking the "Chessa" merch. Tessa also reassures fans that she and Chance are going to stay besties because they do live together after all. They will continue to have fun together, vlog together and rise to fame – only without all of the PDA!

Tessa and Chance did a "Carpool Karaoke" type video together proving that they are still friends and just going back to the way they used to be. The whole thing is super cute except, spoiler alert, they don't actually drive around anywhere. There are too many fans outside of their house so they can't leave…sad day to be a Team 10 member, I guess! Regardless, the video shows that having some fun as just friends and we're all for it.

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