Tessa Brooks has officially parted ways with Team 10. At the very end of her new year vlog she called "I Have Something to Tell You," she let her fans know she's done with Jake Paul and his web star family he's created. She said, "I just want to let you guys know that I am no longer in Team 10. I will definitely explain more in a later video but for now, it's New Year's, I don't want to get into all of that."

A little over a week later, Tessa is divulging the details in a new video titled, "Explaining Why I Left Team 10." She said, "It’s a really bittersweet thing for me, because I am thinking of what it once was for me. It’s a really sucky thing, it is what it is. You have to know when to let go…We’ve grown apart and we’re heading in different directions, and that’s totally OK. It’s not something that is right for me anymore. We just disagree on a lot of things. Things just aren’t how they used to be."

She continued to talk about how her decision to not move into the new Team 10 house made things difficult and it seems like that ultimately created a rift between her and the group. However, she made it clear that she wants nothing but the best for Jake and the rest of the crew. But, there are details that she isn't going to share with the world surrounding her departure, which makes it seem like there was more drama than she is letting on. Tessa said, "There are things that are personal and that I don’t need to be put out there" and she didn't want to "air anybody’s dirty laundry."

Jake hasn't publicly said much about Tessa's departure but in one of Erika Costell's vlogs that was all about finding another girl to add to the social media squad, she's seen telling asking the guys what they think about bringing ona another girl. Chad Tepper immediately says, "the real question is she going to be nice to us?" with Jake adding, "Or is she going to leave and make a video?" Although her name is never mentioned, these reactions seem to obviously be shade towaard Tessa and her decision to leave and make a video to her fans explaining what went down. Yikes.

Before she posted her explainer video though, fans started to wonder if trouble was brewing in Team 10 when Tessa announced she had moved out of the house back in October of 2017. As you may know, Jake has made it very known Team 10 has found a new house (literal MANSION) to live in and do all their vlogging and video-making in but Tessa had taken to her YouTube channel to let fans know she had moved into a new place with Tristan Tales, another web star who just recently announced he's no longer in Team 10 anymore either.

In that vlog, Tessa was on her way back from a trip to the Bahamas, which fellow Team 10er and one-time BFF Erika surprised her and joined the vacation, and after Tristan picked her up from the airport, they announced they're now roommates.

"I'm in my new house. We're roommates! I'm so excited," Tessa said. "You guys are going to see so many cool pranks and stuff. I'm super excited I'm living here. It doesn't seem real yet! I miss the Bahamas already but I've definitely been wanting to come back to start this new chapter," she said.

Tessa seems really happy to be living in this new space and while she and Erika made it clear at that time they would still be doing tons of collabs making content together, we couldn't help but wonder if Tessa's departure from the Team 10 house meant she was starting to distance herself from the whole squad in general. And while we've got a few more answers none, there are still some questions. But, according to her video, we may never get the full story.

Tessa did once date Chance Sutton who was also living in the same house as her, so it makes sense that she wouldn't want to be around her ex all the time, even though they are still friends. There was a video that surfaced of Jake pushing Tessa, which he claims was a joke and not serious but still, he should never have put his hands on her in any way so yeah Jake, that's pretty serious to us. It seems that now though, Tessa is moving on to a new chapter and we're super excited to see what happens next.

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