This is not the future we would have predicted for That's So Raven star Orlando Brown. He was arrested for a second time last week after police were called to his apartment. According to TMZ, Orlando allegedly got into a pretty loud argument with his girlfriend and her mother, which is where the whole thing started. But, he wasn't arrested for anything having to do with that situation. When law enforcement showed up, they put all three names into their system showing that Orlando and his girlfriend's mother had active warrants out for both of their arrests. Oh, snap! This warrant dated back to when he supposedly hit his girlfriend – we're not sure if it's the same woman he was fighting with currently – in a parking lot in 2016. The former Disney Channel star is still locked up on charges for battery against a spouse, resisting arrest, and possession of a controlled substance.

This isn't the first time Orlando has found himself in trouble with the law either. In 2016, he was charged with domestic battery, obstruction of justice, drug possession with intent to sell, and having contraband in jail. In 2014, he threatened a woman and struck a plea deal in order to pay a fine without having to go behind bars. And that's not all. He's also spent some time behind bars for a DUI charge and was ordered to remain in custody because he failed to show that he thoroughly completed alcohol education classes in 2011.

thats so raven

It's safe to say that Orlando probably won't be returning to Disney Channel anytime soon. As we all know, That's So Raven scored a reboot series, Raven's Home on the network in 2017 and it's been picked up for a second season. When Orlando got word that he hadn't been asked to reprise his role as Eddie Thomas, he was pretty upset about it. He created a video message for TMZ explaining that even though he was excited for the series to be picked back up, it was the whole cast – including himself – that made the show successful. He claimed that without Raven, Eddie and Chelsea the show would have been "nothing."

He said, "When you say That's So Raven 2 is a serious situation because we have fans all around the world that love the whole cast. It started off as an assemble cast, the name of the show was Absolutely Psychic so knowing how the whole dynamic turned out was crazy. That's So Raven is nothing without Chelsea, Kyle which is Corey, you know. We all are a family and we did what we had to do to make a historical moment. I don't think it would have happened without all of us…I heard the storyline. It sounds great. Her being a single mom and all that cool stuff is pretty dope but at the end of the day, it's what God wants…When you have a friend, when you have family, you have to make sure you abide by that."

While he may have a point about the original series, we don't think that Disney Channel has any plans of working with him now that he's getting into some serious trouble with the law.

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