Following her 2017 split from her now-fiancé, Orlando Bloom, Sia revealed that Katy Perry “had a real breakdown.” During a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, the “Chandelier” songstress looked back on her friendship with the two stars, and even remembered talking to both Katy and Orlando about their relationship without the other one knowing!

“I’d be on the phone with Orlando and have call waiting with Katy trying to call me,” she dished.

But before the couple got back together, Sia said that the “Teenage Dream” singer was “lost.”

“I knew she was driven and ambitious, that was clear from the beginning. But I didn’t realize that she was so reliant on that validation for her psychological well-being,” Sia remembered. “She did say ‘I feel lost.’ I think it was a big kick to her ego, but it was the best thing that could have ever happened to her, really, because now she can make music for the fun of it. Getting number ones does nothing for your inside.”

She added, “She had a real breakdown. She’s on stage with 10 candied lollipops and clowns and dancers, selling the dream, the joy, the happiness — and that’s really hard sometimes when you’re not feeling it yourself.”

Previously, Katy herself opened up about having suicidal thoughts following the split.

“My career was on this trajectory when it was going up, up and up and then I had the smallest shift, not that huge from an outside perspective. But for me it was seismic. I had given so much out, and it literally broke me in half. I had broken up with my boyfriend, who is now my baby daddy-to-be, and then I was excited about flying high off the next record. But the validation did not make me high, and so I just crashed,” she explained to Sirius XM at the time. “It was important for me to be broken so that I could find my wholeness in a whole different way. And be more dimensional than just living my life like a thirsty pop star all the time.”

Now, the couple is planning their upcoming wedding and have a baby girl on the way!

If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or considering suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention LifelineOpens in a new Window. at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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