As Katy Perry gears up to welcome her first baby, the singer has opened up about her “emotional” pregnancy journey.

“I feel really good. I love my body and I’m proud of it. I’ve had extremely high highs and extremely low lows and I’ve heard that having children is like the best gift of all, so I’m ready to step into that role and receive the unconditional love that I had a hard time receiving years ago,” she told The Sunday Times. “I’ve been through an emotional journey and I feel very grounded. And I should feel grounded because I’m 185 f**ing pounds right now.”

As fans know, the American Idol judge dropped the bombshell news that she and her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, were expecting when she released the music video for her new song “Never Worn White” on March 4, 2020.

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Afterwards, she confirmed the pregnancy during an Instagram live, admitting that it was “probably the longest secret” she has “ever had to keep.” She also revealed that her due date is sometime in the summer!

“I was really specific about this year. I told my management, ‘I’m gonna get pregnant, I wanna have a baby, I have a great contender, finally, and I wanna put this record out.’ It was planned,” the blonde beauty explained in the new interview. “We went to Egypt in October for my birthday and just decided. I’ve always been so fond of the way [Orlando] is with [his son] Flynn that I think my primal nature is like, ‘Yes, go.'”

The 35-year-old also got real about her past struggles and mental health issues.

“I was on the Witness tour, I remember looking out to the audience and thinking, ‘Why are you here? You don’t like me. I’m not that good. I got very clinically depressed,” she recalled. “It hit me hard this time. I had always been able to skirt the issue. Any time I suffered from bouts of depression I would easily be able to run to the validation of the outside world by writing a song, doing a music video, getting likes and comments [on social media].”

When asked if it was meeting the Pirates of the Caribbean actor that helped bring her out of her depression, she explained, “You are never going to change someone as much as you want to change them. They have to make the choice to change themselves, and I had to make the choice, after hitting rock bottom. I had no choice but to go on this emotional, spiritual, psychological journey or I probably wouldn’t live to see 2018. When I speak on this, it accumulates into a headline of being saved by Orlando Bloom, and I’m, like, ‘Well, I didn’t say that, but thank you for that archaic headline.’ But love did save me. Unconditional love saved me.”

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