Listen — we’ve been ready for a sequel of The Greatest Showman ever since we saw the first one. Like you, there’s nothing we’d rather watch than Zac Efron and Zendaya‘s insane on-screen chemistry. Plus, we’d love to see Hugh Grant reprise his role as P.T. Barnum. Alas, we don’t have a ton of info about the sequel, but we do know there have been at least some conversations about it.

Yup! A second movie is allegedly in the works, so of course, we had to round up everything we know about the potential flick. For example, have the creators of the first movie revealed any hints? Would the original cast even be down to come back?

Clearly, there’s a lot that needs to be figured out, but here are the questions we can answer:

The Greatest Showman
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Will there even be a sequel?

According to a report by The Sun, the cast has already begun working on The Greatest Showman sequel. Wait, what?

You heard that correctly, fam! According to the report, the director of the first flick, Michael Gracey, revealed that a second movie is already in the works, and it’s all because diehard fans of the musical have been begging for a second film.

“When a movie becomes as big a success as this, it’s only natural there is demand for a sequel,” Michael said. “So those discussions have started and we are working on one right now.”

Although details are slim, we do know that a sequel was totally unexpected — especially because it took a whole eight years to get the first movie made.

“There were huge doubts about it for a very long time and some backers withdrew their money,” he told The Sun.

We don’t know about you, but we’re so glad it ultimately worked out!

Who from the cast will return?

Now that we know they’re working on a second movie, we can’t help but wonder where the story is going to go next. For example, will Hugh be the lead? Will the rest of the cast return? Is it going to be a sequel or a prequel?

Honestly, the possibilities are endless, and the only detail that The Sun was able to reveal is that the 50-year-old actor will, in fact, return for the next flick. In fact, he’s already begun working on it!

As the for the rest of the cast? Well, we’re not so sure. However, on the April 26 episode of The Graham Norton Show, Zac revealed that he’s so down to play the role of Phillip Carlyle once again. But still, he played coy, pretending that there haven’t even been whispers of a sequel at all.

“Hugh [Jackman] is working on all sorts of things including a one man show,” he said of his costar. “What’s next? I don’t know but I hope there is a sequel.” So, we’ll take that as a yes?

Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron
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As much as we’re hoping that Michelle Williams, Zendaya and Keala Settle will all reprise their roles, it’s just too soon to tell at this point. Sorry!

What will the second movie be about?

As you can tell, information on the sequel is few and far between at the moment, so figuring out what the plot of the second movie will be is a real challenge. The only thing we can say is that anything’s possible at this point. There’s a chance that it’ll be a continuation of the first movie, or it could very well a prequel to show what happened before! Regardless, we’re so here for it.

When will The Greatest Showman 2 hit theaters?

Unfortunately, it’s also too soon to know when we could expect the movie to hit theaters. As Michael said, the sequel is only in its first steps right now, so there’s a long way to go. Until then, we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for any other info that might hint at the second movie, and don’t worry — you’ll be the first to know whenever we uncover something new.

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