Is Zac Efron OK? The High School Musical cutie just revealed that he had to get surgery after a scary skiing accident, and naturally, we’re all freaking out.

It turns out, the actor tore his ACL (a muscle in your knee), but don’t worry, you guys, because he’s OK! Phew, we can all let out a breath. He took to Instagram on Friday, February 8, to let his fans know that he was recovering well.

“I tore my ACL shredding the gnar,” he wrote alongside a snap of him in the hospital. “But all is good. I opted for surgery so I can come back stronger than ever. Thank you to Dr. Kvitne and his team at Kerlan-Jobe Surgery Center. I’ll keep you updated as I heal and progress! Thanks for all the love and positivity!”

In the heartbreaking pic, you can see the 31-year-old’s knee wrapped up in a brace. No fan likes to see their idol in any pain or discomfort, so seeing him like that is seriously hurting our hearts. It literally pains us to even think about Zac suffering, we are so relieved to know that he’s OK.

And it turns out, Zac isn’t the only celebrity to tear his ACL. You may remember that Niall Horan had a similar surgery back in 2012. Not to mention that Drake actually tore his ACL back in 2009 when he slipped and fell on stage!

And get this — this actually isn’t Zac’s first surgery. The swoon-worthy actor actually needed surgery on his hand back in 2013, after he injured it while on set of his movie, Townies.

“I broke it a couple days ago on set during filming, it was during a stage fight with Dave Franco,” Zac explained on Live With Kelly and Michael at the time. “So they put like a titanium plate in it and a bunch of screws.”

Ugh, poor baby! We’re praying he has a speedy recovery.

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