Zac Efron‘s really grown up since his High School Musical days, and with so many years in the limelight, we’ve been blessed to see him rock loads of different hairstyles. We mean, remember when he basically invented the Justin Bieber cut before Justin Bieber ever did? We thought so! And fairly recently, the actor donned perfectly quaffed brown hair in The Greatest Showman, so he’s no stranger to changing up his look every now and then.

Regardless, the 31-year-old’s hair always looks good, but none of his looks have been as drastic as the one he’s sporting now, which is — wait for it — platinum blonde.

That’s right, fam! The former Disney star has officially gone blonde, and all the proof you need is right there on his personal Instagram account. On Jan. 9, the actor uploaded a photo of himself rock climbing, proving blondes really do have more fun, and if you looked closely, you may have noticed that his hair is now totally bleached. TBH, it looks pretty good!

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OK, we admit that it’s not exactly a great pic of his new ‘do, and many of you may have even missed that he dyed his hair at all while scrolling through Instagram. However, you can clearly see the platinum blonde peaking out of his beanie, and while he’s definitely not the first celebrity to go platinum, we completely admire him for doing something bold.

So, why what inspired him to change his hair up? Well, we’re not too sure. What we are sure about, though, is that we’re going to need some up close and personal pics of his new locks before we officially decided whether or not we prefer him as a brunette. That said, we’ll be keeping our eyes glued to Zac’s Instagram for any further updates on his hair, and hopefully we get some good pics of it before he decides to do something drastic… like change it back.

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