Willow Shields recently stopped by our office and EXCLUSIVELY told us what it was like filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 and the best piece of advice she’s ever gotten! (HINT: Jennifer Lawrence gives amazing advice!)

While fans everywhere are saddened by the fact that The Hunger Games series is coming to an end, Willow says filming Mockingjay: Part 2 was definitely bittersweet!

“I think everybody’s last day on set was really bittersweet. You go through these emotions like, I’m really sad it’s over, I’m sad I’m seeing my cast go,” she reveals.

However, Willow acknowledges the fact that there is some good that comes along with ending such a successful series!

“At the same time, you feel like the fans have loved this series so much, you feel content with what’s happened, you feel like they are all happy with it which makes you happy,” she said.

Was there one person Willow was exceptionally emotional about saying goodbye to?! Yes! She admitted, “I feel like the biggest thing is everybody is saying goodbye to their character. You play a character for five years and you’re like, I don’t want to say goodbye to this character. It’s a whole other difficult thing to handle.”

Of course, we had to ask her about her friendship with J.Law! Willow revealed that she and Jen are actually super close and still talk even though filming for the movie is over! She even said Jen has always given her the same piece of advice ever since day one of filming The Hunger Games.

“'Do not let Hollywood change you because it happens.' She has stayed the same since the first film and I love watching that. She’s a great role model for me to watch,” Willow gushes. “She kind of told me from the beginning, don’t let Hollywood change you, it’s not worth it. Stay who you are, stay true to yourself and your love for acting and don’t cave for other things.”

Awesome advice! We are sooo excited to see Mockingjay: Part 2 when it hits theaters on November 20, 2015!

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