Swifties are the first to admit that Taylor Swift isn't the best dance, but that's exactly why she's so loved! The "Shake It Off" singer doesn't care what other people think and is happy to show off her awkward and totally hilarious hip rolls.

Last night was no exception, and the singer even proudly declared that that her "terrible dancing" would be on full display throughout the MTV Video Music Awards.

Scroll down to see the ultimate guide to Taylor's moves, and our interpretation of what we're convinced is going through her head.

First, we've got the "back off boy" move.

taylor swift dance 1

"Or I'm going to, 1… 2… 3…"

taylor swift dance 2

"Because I'm independent, yo." (TSwizzle is def making an appearance)

taylor swift dance 4

"And I've got those swaggy moves."

taylor swift dance 5

Can't forget about the shoulder lean!

taylor swift dance 6

"And my friends will always back me up."

taylor swift dance 7

"And even when they don't…"

taylor swift dance 8

"I'm going to keep on dancing."

taylor swift dance 9

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