Christina Grimmie tragically passed away last summer after an obsessed fan shot and killed her following her performance in Orlando, Florida. It was during a meet-and-greet when Christina reportedly opened her arms to hug the man who would end her life within seconds. It was tragic, awful and the entertainment industry is still reeling from her death.

Not only was Hollywood hit hard, but her family and friends were hit harder, naturally. It was actually reported that on that night, Christina's brother launched over the merch table he was sitting at to try and help her. Regardless of the details, The Voice alum's soul has lived on in a number of different ways.

From the tributes to the vigils to the prayers said for her family around the world, the support has been tremendous. Now, her friends are speaking up about what Christina was really like in her last moments of life during a 48 Hours CBS special featuring victims of stalking.

Christina's friend Tyler Ward said, "Christina Grimmie was one of my favorite people on the planet. You never think in your entire life ever that something like this would happen. This just doesn't happen."

He continued, "She opened her arms to hug a stranger and was shot."

Her friend Bria Kelly really opened up and said, "When I first heard about it, it was just completely surreal — I thought it was a joke."

The two-hour special airs on CBS on Saturday night at 9 p.m. There are other individuals featured on the special as well that have had stalkers in their lives before. However, since Christina's life was ended because of this, it is devastating.

There's one positive thing that has come out of such a terrible event and that is the awareness that is being raised about the issue of stalking. It's scary and it's real. So many celebrities go through this on a daily basis and it should be talked about more. Hopefully, because of what happened to Christina, more light can be brought to this issue and it seems like CBS is doing their part to move on this idea.


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